Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cheers! (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 12

I'll do whatever it takes to get to you
Slit a throat, rob a soul, whatever I need to do
Because this burning desire just won't go away
And it's eating me inside day after day

I lust for your ending
Now I'm done with pretending
That it doesn't mean that much to me
Because even when I close my eyes it's you I see

This wanting inside
Will never subside
And this fascination
Just keeps me waiting

Some call it a dream, some say it's an obsession
I know I won't be happy until you're in my possession
My head's off my shoulders, my mind's enraptured
 I won't rest or sleep until it's you that I captured

Now I'm wishing on numbers and skeleton keys
And I spend everyday down on my knees
I'll keep on working until I'm buried in the dirt
Here's to hoping that one of these will work...



  1. I loved the last line - and it leaves a lot of room for the reader to figure out what you are obsessing about. Nice work.

  2. Wow. Such a drumbeat throughout. Woooosh... woooshh... whooosh... almost a pulse.

    Enjoyed the read very much....

  3. Thanks a lot! I was actually going for something like that. I tried to make it flow as much as possible.