Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Favorite Mistakes:Theme From RED

"I kissed him intensely and at the moment I didn’t care if I was making a mistake."-Peyton Hayley Giordano (RED)

Starting today, I'm going to write blog posts based on the many themes of my upcoming novel, RED. I think sometimes people get so caught up in a story that they forget to take lessons out of them. I'm going to make it easier for you all to pick out the lessons and themes from the book. You'll understand more once you read it. 


As most of you all know (hopefully all of you), no one is perfect...not one of us. Therefore, it only makes sense for characters in books to not be perfect. They need flaws like everyone else. RED is full of characters with flaws (some major, some minor). The topic of today's post is mistakes. We all make them and we're all guilty of them. 


The problem with mistakes is that we usually know beforehand when we're making one. In fact, a lot of mistakes are premeditated but something inside of us pushes us to do it or "give it a try" anyway. We tend to count these things as mistakes but are they really? I like to believe that we all have our favorite mistakes...the ones we keep making over and over again. Eventually we learn but it takes times, even years!


What is it about us that we have to keep doing the same things over and over before we learn? Are we just wired that way? Is it human nature? Are we all just a little "crazy"? I think in a way we're all martyrs because that need for drama or hurt is what feeds us (all of the writers/artists out there know what I'm talking about). In my opinion, characters should be no different. 


There are plenty of moments in the novel where readers may hate the main character or call her "stupid" or even just get plain tired of her but again, that's the point. It's realistic. Have you ever met a teenager who didn't continuously make the same mistakes while trying to find who they are? Again, we're all guilty of it. The act of making mistakes is a vicious cycle and it sometimes takes more than once for us to get it and change our ways. 


Another funny thing about mistakes is that we tend to make the same mistakes our parents or siblings made. Sometimes we learn from their mishaps but other times we find ourselves in the same place they once were. How frustrating is that?! 


That's another concept you'll see a lot in RED; Peyton making  a lot of the same mistakes her mother and father already made...except most of the time she doesn't even know she's making them. Some are bothersome to read and others are a little easier to digest (but they're all frustrating). 


At the end of the day it's important to remember that we're all just human and making mistakes is part of being just that. We don't always learn the first time and sometimes even the second or third, but it's okay as long as we do learn eventually. There's no time span on how long it takes. Some mistakes are bigger than others but that doesn't mean that they can't be made right. Whether your favorite mistake is cheating, pushing people away, rebellion, or finding yourself in some less than desirable's okay. It all can turn around if you just drop your ego, let go, and learn. Ego...that sounds like a good topic/theme to talk about next. 


Here's a song all about making the same mistakes over and over:

Friday, September 26, 2014

$2.99 Is The Right Price!

Today is the day A Tragic Heart is on sale for only $2.99 on Kindle! You can pick up a copy of the book before the release of the second novel to the series, RED. You should hurry because the sale ends on September 28th at 12:00 am PST and will resume to its original price of $5.99.

Here's a quick synopsis of the novel and you can find the link to the novel below:

Sixteen year old high school student Taylor Caldwell has been through the wringer of life. The love triangles, heartbreak, and stress of being a teenager is all crashing down and it's slowly igniting a fire that's bound to destroy her. It would take a miracle for her parents to remember her existence and the same goes for the only guy she has eyes for. But sometimes miracles happen...just not in the form that we want them to. All she ever wanted was an option; a way out of her turmoil...a reason to fight. She never thought that life would give her two.
With more options and decisions to make than ever before, Taylor is left with her own conscience and personal journal entries to keep her on track. Her older brother, who is also her only friend, is busy touring with his band while Taylor is battling the confusing life of coming of age. She finds solace in her boyfriend's closest cousin, causing animosity to build a bridge between two boys who were once like brothers. As if her life couldn't get any more interesting, more chilling secrets and curve balls are thrown into the mix leaving Taylor to make the ultimate choice...a choice that almost every teenager has thought about at least once in their life.

If A Tragic Heart had to be described in one phrase it would be: growing up is hard to do. You remember what it was like juggling school, a significant other(s), and trying to find yourself before you turned eighteen, don't you? Readers' responses prove that A Tragic Heart is loved by many for different reasons. One of the several themes is bound to tug on your heart's strings and take you back to a time where things weren't so simple but realizing you made it through makes all of the difference. Many people are blind to the struggles of teenagers and those beginning early adulthood to the point that it is fatal. A Tragic Heart can and will bring awareness to certain issues and give us all a better understanding of why we should be grateful that we are still here.

Click here for A Tragic Heart

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Tragic Heart's First Anniversary! (Let's Celebrate!)

Wow! Time really flew by fast! On September 27th, my debut novel, A Tragic Heart will celebrate it's first birthday. I wanted to do something special for my baby's first year so I decided to discount the price of the novel for 48 hours. That's right! Starting September 26th at 12:00 am, A Tragic Heart will only be $2.99 on Kindle. The sale ends on September 28th at 12:00 am. It's a pre-birthday/birthday celebration!

The novel has seen a decent amount of success, moving over 400 units (not bad for an indie author of no primary status) since it's release almost a year ago. More importantly, the novel has been met with critical acclaim by both readers and book reviewers. In fact, I just found out that my novel has been illegally downloaded 815 times this week and it's only Tuesday! While that may not seem like something to be proud of, the fact that the average star rating is 9.4 out of 10 makes me proud. More than anything I'm happy that people actually enjoy something I created during one of the worst times of my life. At the end of the day, it's not all about sales, it's about knowing that I created something people thoroughly enjoy. So, thank you to anyone who bothered to read the novel whether it was illegally or not.

As a lot of you know already, A Tragic Heart is part of a 4 part series entitled RED Tragedies.Basically, there's a lot more to come and I hope you all follow me into the last book and beyond.

Welp! That's all for now. Remember on September 26th starting at 12:00 am, download your copy of A Tragic Heart for only $2.99 on Kindle! Here's the link: A Tragic Heart-Kindle Edition.

In the meantime, A Tragic Heart has also just been released on Kobo for only $4.99! Link here: A Tragic Heart-Kobo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is Writing A Mood? (One For The Writers)

Most people have the belief that you have to be in the mood to write. I used to be one of those people (and on some days I still am). In fact, I skipped over my fifth novel to complete my sixth all because of the mood I was in. Now that I'm finished with the sixth, I'm back at working on number five. I was always one to complete one project before moving to another but the mood I was in compelled me to write a fourth and final book to my series, starting with A Tragic Heart.

I've been given the advice to write even when I'm not in the mood to and so far it's been great advice. I've actually written some of the best scenes during moments I simply didn't feel like writing. It always starts off hard but if you just sit there and think for a while, the writer's block will go away.

Now, I do agree that it feels better to write or create something when those creative juices are already flowing. It's easier to get the words out when the wheels are already cranking and turning. Sometimes, it just can't be that way but as writers we should learn to write even when we don't want to...because the truth is we need to. We need to be able to write under any circumstances if we want to be able to call ourselves writers and authors. We're artists and being an artists is much more than being in a mood. It's who we are!

A great example of this is Foster The People's hit song "Pumped Up Kicks". The lead singer and writer of the band stated that he wasn't in the mood to write or create that day; he just wanted to go to the beach. He's always been the type of writer to write only when he felt something (as most of us are). That one day he decided to push through and write a new song instead of going to the beach (which was very close to the studio he was at) and he came up with the band's biggest hit to date. In fact, the eerie demo version he created at the studio was the same version to be released to radio by the label. I bet he's glad he decided to write that day instead of going to the beach! Now, just think about what you could create by sticking it out...or think about what you could be missing out on by not creating because of a mood. Is it really worth it? You could write the most successful piece of your career when you're not in the mood to write.

While writing may seem like a mood, it doesn't have to be. Writing should be a part of life for us even if it only means writing one sentence a day. We should never stop creating and we should always remember that writing is who we are...not a feeling!

If you don't know the song "Pumped Up Kicks", take a listen below!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Love What You Got!

We all should learn to fall in love with ourselves a bit more. In the end we're all we're going to have and if we don't love us then who will? That's what my new post for I Am That Girl al about. It's about loving your body, image, and whatever else you have regardless of what the media or anyone else says. Here's the link:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stop Comparing and Start Living!

"...Force our smiles, baby, half dead/From comparing myself to everyone else around me..."

The quote above comes from one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs entitled, "I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)". While listening to this song the other day I got the great idea to write a blog post about something that stuck out to me in the song. 

When Pete Wentz wrote the song he was suicidal and had tons of "bad" thoughts on his mind (hence the title). It's actually considered to be a form of a suicide note. Now, I talk about suicide and depression a lot but what I never talked about was the feeling of being depressed because of comparisons. 

I think one of the main reasons a lot of people get down on themselves is because we compare ourselves to everyone else around us. To be truthful, I'm extremely guilty of this. Most of my years of misery came from me comparing myself to everyone else. Everyone seemed so happy while I always felt sub-par.

My reason for listening to the song was because I've been feeling down on myself lately. I'm the least successful out of all my friends and family. I can work harder than the President of the United States but it seems like none of it will ever pay off. Good things are happening in abundance to everyone else around me (or so it seems) and I'm still stuck in this place I thought I would've been released from months ago. When trying isn't enough, that's when the comparisons come rolling in. 

You know that feeling when you thought you were good enough to achieve a goal but after getting shot down enough times you're like, "well maybe I'm not as good as I thought I was" or "maybe I just wasn't meant to be successful"? Sometimes it seems like everyone else is blessed with abilities and you can't even count your talents on one hand. Sucks, doesn't it?! 

Comparing ourselves to others only causes self-destruction and self esteem issues (no wonder Pete Wentz tried to commit suicide!). It's a cruel thing to do to yourself and it never helps us get to where we need to be. Instead, it hinders us and hold us back because we're no longer keeping our eyes fixated on our goals but looking at everybody else's. Who am I to preach when I continuously do the same thing? Well, truth is I'm just a nobody trying to follow what I'm telling you all. Comparisons kill who we are and destroys our paths. Let's all try and get rid of comparing ourselves to others and start living our own lives the way we're supposed to (or something like that). It's hard but I'm thinking it's possible!

After all, don't we all want to be known for our hits not just our misses?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Character Profile for RED: Adalyn Voyvodich

Can you believe it's a new month already?! It feels like I just created a character profile for Mason Taylor and here I am about to sort of introduce a new character. For those of you who read A Tragic Heart, the name Adalyn isn't so new to you. Although in A Tragic Heart Adalyn didn't have any dialogue which still makes her a new personality because she is one of the main characters in RED. In fact, RED couldn't exist without her. From now on, Adalyn is an extremely important character to the series I'm working on (I'm in the last stages of writing the final book). As some of you know Adalyn is/was the bass player in Peyton's (Mason's cousin/Peyton Hayley Giordano's father) band. They also have a history together that goes far back (I won't ruin anything else for those who haven't read it yet). So let's get to know Adalyn a little better...shall we?

Full Name: Adalyn Voyvodich-Taylor

Birth Date: November 23, 1992

Gender: Female

Age During RED: 34-36 years old 

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'7

Weight: 130 lbs

Relatives: Mason Taylor (Husband), Lynn Voyvodich (Mother), Michael Voyvodich Sr. (Father), Michael Voyvodich Jr. (Brother), Lila Taylor (Daughter), Ryan Taylor (Son), Nick Taylor (Son), Peyton Giordano (Adopted Daughter), Jean Taylor (Mother-in-law), Brian Taylor (Father-in-law)

Relationship Status: Married

Interests/Hobbies: Bass Guitar (Any guitar, really), Piano, Songwriting, Singing, Producing Music

Positive Character Traits: Adalyn is caring and helpful. She's the person who is by your side through whatever you go through. She's the exact opposite of judgmental and she's easy to talk to. Adalyn can also be outspoken when needed. She's the friend everyone wants.

Negative Character Traits: She can hold feelings/emotions inside for far too long causing her to react in questionable ways. 

Choice Quote from RED: "I guess that's the difference between men and women. No matter whether we're wrong or right, we're willing to fight for what we have."

Welp! That's it for now. I hope you all feel like you know Adalyn just a little better than before. I look forward to all of you getting to know her more when RED comes out this Winter. The editing process is going great and I can't wait to share it all with you guys! To learn more about Adalyn in the meantime you can pick up your copy of A Tragic Heart by clicking the link. You still have time to catch up before RED is released. 

By the way, if Adalyn was a song she would be "Break Free" by Ariana Grande.