Saturday, November 26, 2016


It's dawn
I hate going to sleep when it's daylight
But we always do
It's a sickness we have,
Me and you

Amongst other things 
We can't bear to speak
But the morning light is worst of all
But somehow it's where we always meet, 
Me and you

We live through the darkness
It's the source of our power
The moonlight supplies our solar energy
But this sickness is getting the best of me,
Me and you

We have much more to live for
Let's stop closing our eyes towards the sun
Because the darkness can't hold us forever
We're growing older by the second,
Me and you


Monday, November 21, 2016

I Was Waiting For Something

I was waiting for something
But it never came
I'm not sure what
But it all feels the same

There's this feeling I was supposed to get
At least that's what they all say
But I'm not sure what
Because it all feels the same way

I thought I had it for a minute
But it was a false alarm
One second, it was gone
The feeling was disarmed

I'm still waiting for something
As it all turns out
But in reality, I did this to myself'...

From the upcoming poetry book/journal by S. Elle Cameron: This Really Happened

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Website & New Material for 2017!

The last time I wrote anything on this blog was back in June when I shared that I started an organization called Jumping Waves. After that I got really caught up in planning my wedding (yes, I got married!), being apart of my sister's wedding and moving across the country (NYC to AZ). Now, I'm not exactly settled but I got tired of waiting. I felt the need to get back on my grind and start working towards my goals again. First off, got a new look and a new host!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is almost complete (literally like a chapter or two away from being done), My novel I wrote back in 2010, Smoke & Mirrors will get some attention from me by being reworked and released, not to mention Jumping Waves will be making some waves. These are my goals for 2017. Not to mention, I want to create a website for Wanderlust, my blog I started back in March that is dedicated to my travel affairs around the world. That will be reworked from scratch.

I want to start video blogging as well but my webcam on my computer no longer works but this won't stop me. Hopefully sometime in the upcoming months I'll get around to purchasing one so I can get going. I'm currently wracking my brain trying to come up with new ways to reach more people. I don't desire anymore breaks and I want to keep it moving.

Here's a list of projects coming in 2017 (so far):
  • What Could've Been
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • More short stories
  • Video updates
  • More activity from Jumping Waves
  • Launch a website for Wanderlust (my travel blog) 
  • The re-release of A Tragic Heart (my first novel)
Follow me on my social media accounts for updates on projects: