Saturday, December 24, 2016

Clothes for Charity!

Recently I created a Teespring account. For a long time I've wanted to create an apparel line that would donate a portion of profits to a suicide prevention charity. Well, now I've done it!

The quote on the shirt comes from a poem I wrote a few months back. It's a reminder for anyone who feels less than worthy because of doubters in their life. What I've come to find true is that most of the time the doubters and non-believers are our own family and friends, not just our foes. The apparel ranges from t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, tank tops, totes, and mugs.  The campaign will run for 22 days only and 25% of all profits will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

I wanted something that would honor those who once felt the way we all have and ended it based on that false belief. I will do more campaigns like this in the future. Let's hope for a successful campaign! It ends on January 16th!

Raise A Glass Campaign Apparel

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Finally Clean: Short Story Now on Wattpad

Here's a preview of the 2nd short story from my Wattpad exclusive book of short stories inspired by songs by popular music artist. Enjoy and click the link below for the full read. Remember to read, vote and share via Wattpad!

Short Story #2: Finally Clean
Inspired by: “Clean” by Taylor Swift from the album “1989”

The night is black with the exception of a few street lights that are shining. The air is cool but just enough to cure the breeze with a light hoodie. I can’t believe I’m back at it again. After all of the classes and months of rehab, here I am back at it making late night trips to my dealer.
I walk with my hands in the pockets of my hoodie, making sure I keep my supply safe. It cost me my last bit of money and I wouldn’t want to lose it because it slipped out. My mother worries about me and my father has basically lost hope. They’re good parents and they have sacrificed everything for me yet, I can’t stop my ways.
They’ve put me in every program and spent countless dollars on my recovery but I can’t seem to stick to the straight and narrow road. I want to get better but for some reason I can’t. I’ve tried my best but my best hasn’t been good enough.
I grew up with the best education and my parents did all they could for me but nothing was ever enough to keep me clean. I think I was wired this way.
My car was taken away from me as a precaution so I won’t do things like go on a late night run to my dealer’s house; but not even the lack of transportation could stop me from my urges. I pick up the pace as I walk the distance to my home. It’s a bit of a walk from my dealer’s to my house but to me it’s worth it.
I’m a few blocks away from my house when I hear sirens coming up from behind me. Oh no! I can’t afford to get caught again. I turn around as I continue walking in the middle of the street to see a police vehicle heading straight toward me. Strangest thing, they don’t seem to slow down. As the car gets closer I quickly jump over to the side walk. The patrol car races past me, never even acknowledging that it almost ran me over.
“Prick!” I yell out in anger even though I know the car is long gone and the driving officer couldn’t possibly hear me.
Who does that? I think to myself as I continue on my walk home. A few seconds later I hear more sirens. I stop walking to see what’s happening as a firetruck, more cop cars and an ambulance pass me by. Something terrible must be happening nearby. Maybe a fire or something. The good news is that they’ll all be too busy worrying about the current crisis that I won’t stick out like a sore thumb on a school night.

Finally Clean (Full Story)
-S. Elle Cameron

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dangerous Love: Short Story Now on Wattpad

The 1st short story to "My Interpretation: Short Stories Derived from Songs" is now up on Wattpad. Please read it, vote and leave comments. The short story is called "Dangerous Love" and is inspired by Ariana Grande's "Leave Me Lonely" featuring Macy Gray from her "Dangerous Woman" album.

It's a story I am very proud of and I mentioned before these stories are like music videos on paper but more in depth. They are what envision in my mind when listening to a song. Click the title below to read "Dangerous Love."

Dangerous Love: Inspired by Ariana Grande's "Leave Me Lonely"

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Wattpad Exclusive Book

Anyone who knows me knows I've never been able to be consistent when it comes to my social media profiles. This is something I'm looking to change by remaining active and interacting more with my followers/readers. In fact, I'm planning on committing to that goal by releasing an exclusive book of short stories on Wattpad.

I've had a Wattpad account for 2 years now but I've failed to do anything with it. I'm a strong lover of music and I came up with an idea for a short story book based on my interpretation of songs by famous musicians/artists. It may not be about what the song references but it's my idea of a story that comes from it.

The name of the book will be "My Interpretation: Short Stories Derived from Songs". Each story will be inspired by a different song by a different artist. Much like the short stories I have shared on this blog, the reader will be advised to listen to the song that inspired it while reading for the full experience. Think of it as a music video on paper. It's all for the enjoyment of music and reading. Stay tuned for that coming soon! First story complete!

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S. Elle Cameron