Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blame It On The Moon (OctPoWriMo2014)-Day 8

Tides are rising 
And so are emotions
This house ain't what it used to be

Feelings we never knew
Things we never felt
It's not just about you and me

Can I borrow your light?
Like the moon does from the sun?
Blind me for an eternity

I don't want to see the hurt
And I don't want to feel the pain
Buried in this mess, covered with debris

Maybe the full moon is just driving us crazy
Or maybe it's really just over
Let's drown together in the tides of this sea

But we just keep it going
Because we get nostalgic for the pain
We start to pick the forbidden fruits from the same tree

We keep wishing on stars
And hoping for a change in constellations
But what good does that do?

Now the storm is getting bad
And we can blame it on the moon
And pretend it's not just about me and you


  1. What a powerful link between the theme (the moon) and this very personal situation! This poem is so rich in meaning. Kudos!

    1. Thank you. I just went with the whole emotions running wild theme that goes with a full moon.

  2. This poem is extremely well written! You convey your feelings and compare a relationship to the moon's relationship to the sun. I love it. This poem has a dark, deep, passionate feel to it. It paints such a tragic, edgy picture. Great work!

  3. Excellent write. I loved how you used the moon and sun as metaphors.
    Very strong ending.