Friday, October 16, 2015

Risky Business (OctPoWriMo2015-Day 13)

I'm sure I'd never write something I don't mean
Or walk with a world I refuse to dream 
Because everything I say means something
Although some emotions are just a fling

Whenever I type a word I risk something that matters
But if I say nothing at all that will be sadder 
So sorry if I offend you or make you upset
But you shouldn't make me mad because you don't know what you'll get

I'm a writer, artist, and a poet
Don't act surprised, like you didn't know it
Because everything to me is fair game
No one's above the're all the same


  1. Thank you... a wonderful statement creating a picture of the inner you... love what you wrote.
    I admire you since I was brought up to not to speak my mind if it went against my families beliefs or showed a weakness or emotion.
    Now that I am elderly, I have learned to speak my mind, and stand my ground... and to advocate for that which I feel is right... Peace to you.