Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lonely, Stupid Girl

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
He'll never love you the way you love him
He'll never get that gleam in his eye
And he'll never be excited to see you the way you want

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
You're too dumb to notice
Too lonely to care
But he'll never understand what you feel

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
He'll always tell you, you think too much
Because his mind doesn't hold the capacity yours does
It just isn't the same for him

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Walk away and love someone new
Someone who will love you the way you give love
Someone who will understand that light that turns on every time you see them

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Life is unfair and so is love
He's too blinded by his actions to understand how you feel
You have love too big for him to grasp

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Take this letter as a word of advice
You deserve better
You have a heart too big for him to feel

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
He'll beg you to stay but please walk away
You don't deserve to feel trapped
There's someone out there wanting to set you free

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
You shouldn't feel embarrassed for your love
If only more people loved the way you do...
If only he did...

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
It's okay to cry at midnight on the couch alone
It's happened to the best of us
Your love is just too much for some but they don't deserve it

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Wipe your face clean and breathe in deep
He'll ask you what's wrong but he'll never understand
Because boys like him don't see what they have
They don't get they have what they don't deserve

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
You're better than him
He knows it but he plays on your weaknesses
Walk away...please

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Stop showing you care so much
Take your heart from your sleeve and put it in your pocket
Don't ever let him see it or have it

Dear Lonely, Stupid Girl
Always love the way you do
Because someone will notice
And want to love you the same
And he'll be watching that same flat screen TV all alone...with no one to come to after


  1. This is a cool way to write a poem and I enjoyed it. Thank you!

  2. This is great. I've said all these things to myself at one time or another. Writing has been the one constant, helpful thing. I really liked this. I wrote a song like this years ago called "Go Slow, Stupid Heart" but your poem was much better, Thanks for the excellent write.

    1. Wow! Thanks a lot! Writing can help almost any feeling.